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Gingerlily and White

DIY Private Property Sales Training & Education Seminar

9am - 5pm, Saturday 24th June, 2017

YOUR Property YOUR Money YOUR Way 

is a detailed program dedicated to
property owners to show how easy and
simple it is to sell their own home. It
takes the guess work and the stress out
of selling by putting the property owner
in control of the whole process.

Have you ever felt frustrated dealing with a real estate agent?

Have you found selling your property to be a stressful and anxious experience?

Can you think of a time when you were looking to sell your property and you felt pressured into decisions by an agent that you were not comfortable with? Have you ever questioned an agents motivation and if they had your best interests in mind?

Well it may not surprise you then, to discover, that your experience puts you among the clear majority of property sellers. According to the Governance Institute Ethics Index 2016, Real Estate Agents have the lowest ethical score (23%) of all occupations within the Business Sector with 1 in 2 people surveyed, perceiving them to be unethical.

The days of prospective buyers having to trawl through newspapers and past real estate windows to find their dream property are long gone. These avenues still exist but the main reason for them existing is to keep a real estate agents brand or identity alive and top of mind to attract sellers to list with them.

Today’s savvy purchasers have alerts setup to notify them when a property in an area they are interested in, within their price range, comes onto the market. These prospective purchasers have already spent countless hours on the internet researching a full range of information on the area. They know what the most desirable streets in the area are, the average time a house sits on the market, the most recent sale results, the past sales history of the area, where the local cafes, doctors, bus stops, schools, shopping centres are and how each of these services or businesses are rated.

Gingerlily and White is the result of one woman's prolonged frustration with the real estate industry. After years of having agents over promise and under deliver, Sandra Kerr (creator of Your Property, Your Money, Your Way) educated herself to maximise the potential of her real estate sales. After selling her own properties with great success, without the assistance of an agent, she has committed herself to educating others to do the same.

Join us now and take control of selling your property!

WHEN: Saturday, 24th June, 9am - 5pm
WHERE: Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, 169 Castlereagh St, Sydney
COST: $500 per person includes tea, coffee, morning tea and lunch